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Huge Attention Grabber for IKEA’s Grand Opening!

IKEAWe’ve had the chance to work some pretty fantastic and cool events. We’d like to share them with you, so we are introducing this “Blast From the Past” post. They will feature some of the events we’ve done; that way, you too, can share some of the cool things we’ve experienced!

Making a Big IKEA Splash

In 2004, the first IKEA opened here in Arizona and we were hired to help create an unforgettable experience for their grand opening. This was a pretty big deal because it was the first, and only, IKEA in the state. IKEA had some fantastic visions for the event, and they wanted to create a real attention grabber for people driving past the store. We came up with the perfect idea.

The store is located right by the freeway, and what better way to draw attention than to place several enormous inflatable balloons on the roof? That’s exactly what we did! To add an extra touch, we placed some lights inside the balloon, making them glow amazingly at night. The people that drove by the store just couldn’t miss it!

Incorporating Traditions

IKEA also had us arrange the sawing of a big log of wood. Why, you might ask? The sawing of the log brings good fortune to the store, its customers and its new home. But does it bring good fortune? Joseph Roth, spokesperson for IKEA explains it here, saying: “That’s how they used to inaugurate their new homes in southern Sweden.” The wood sawing was a hit with the customers and guests waiting eagerly to see the new store! Once inside, we arranged some great bands that provided entertainment for the eager shoppers!

The attention grabber with the balloons was a hit, but having objects placed on roofs might require certain permits for some instances. This is why it’s valuable to hire an event planner like us; we know all of that stuff! Stay tuned for more event recaps!

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